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    Rules In Stone


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    Rules In Stone

    Post  Edwardlove23 on Fri Jun 10, 2011 10:45 pm

    Alright, all rules must be followed. Or we may have problems. If you don't follow the rules your account will be suspended by the main admins ofthe site.

    Rule Number One:

    Rules Number Two:
    You May Have Graphics but please warn people by placing Mature or Graphic or letters in the title of the thread.

    Rule Number Three:
    No Fighting In OOC Stuff. Characters might not work out but the people playing them shouldn't be cross with each other.

    Rule Number Four:
    You Must Claim Playbys and Jobs. If You Don't Then You Can't Use The Photo or Job You Have Choosen For Your Characters.

    Rule Number Five:
    Only One Account Per Member Please. Unless You Get Permission.

    Rule Number Six:
    You May Have As Many Characters As You Want Just Keep Them All Active.

    Rule Numver Seven:
    Horses Do Not Talk In Real Life So They Don't On Here.

    Rule Number Eight:
    Make Friends With People To Have Better Ideas To RP About.

    Rule Number Nine:
    Alert Admins and Other Staff If Any Rules Are Abused.

    Rule Number Ten:
    Have As Much Fun As You Wish!!

    Any Updates Will Be In RED!!
    Thanks Admin!! Very Happy Smile Razz Laughing

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