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    She got up during the cross country part and she shivered a little. She was still wearing wet clothes and she didn't want to move from the couch. She continue to watch the mare and then came the jumping phase of the competition. She watched the mare and her go over the jumps in the course. She gasped softly when the mare stumbled after a jump and then regained her balance. They cleared the course and then later were awarded first place at the rolex competition and she turned off the dvd and the tv. She closed her eyes in pain and tried not to cry. She staggered off the couch and she collapsed on to her knees. She chocked back a sob as tears started to slid down her face. She gasped softly and got off her knees. "I have to check on the foal." she whispered softly. She got up and staggered to the coat rack. She grabbed her rain coat and grabbed her truck keys. She opened the door and walked outside in the rain. She went to her truck and climbed into the driver's side. She started the truck and backed it out.She drove to the barn to check on the foal.
    (made a thread in the breeding barn called Checking on the filly(open))

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