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    Post  kyogirl on Fri Jul 01, 2011 7:37 pm

    [align=center]Adrenaline Rush Ar

    Set in the beautiful city of Santa Barbara, California is Adrenaline Rush. What is Adrenaline Rush, you ask? It's a prestigious college where horses are the main focus. Everyone wants to be good at something and everyone at Adrenaline Rush wants to be the next member on the Olympic Riding Team.

    Hopes are high and dreams are big, but that doesn't stop the students of Adrenaline Rush from following their dreams. While in sunny California, there's so much to do besides riding and practicing for a show. There's the beach, of course as well as a well known night club in the city, Dance Dance.

    It may not seem like it, but the students of Adrenaline Rush are also the typical party goers. They live in California so of course!

    While there's so much to do and so much studying to do, everyone always finds time to have fun at Adrenaline Rush. With a friendly environment and a great staff, how can you resist? Join today!


    seven reasons why you should join!

    • friendly staff
    • great plot
    • plenty of open face claims
    • helpful members
    • lots of places to choose to rp
    • application quickly accepted so you can get to rping
    • just an overall fun place !

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